Astrology and star configurations

Among various civilizations Astrology developed into a particular kind of cryptic cosmology. Astrology substantiates that outcomes of the World events are influenced by the locations and apparent movements of the Sun, Moon, major planets, and stars. Astrologers confirm that the status of heavenly bodies at the time of nascency determines the individual’s features and fortune. The heavenly bodies are viewed to understand and anticipate consequences of events. Astrologers map out the spatial relations of ethereal bodies settled in the zodiacal planetary houses.

My prospects and heavenly bodies

For forecasting the future, the spheres are mapped on a circle fractioned into 12 planetary houses. Every house is dominated by diverse celestial bodies. The major planet that falls inside a specific planetary house acts on affairs concerning that planetary house. An individual’s psychological character and behavior can correlate with the planetary house in which the sun was at the moment of nascency. The astrological features and geometrical relationships are used to predict effects of the events.

Firmament and nascence date

The Mesopotamian system of star configurations became the base of zodiac arrangement. The sun performs an every year travel through the heavenly sectors. The old Astrologers related the star configurations and days of the months when the sun moved across them. Zodiac is an
imaginary belt on both sides of the great circle. The zodiac incorporates the orbits of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and some other planetes. Each of the 12 star signs of the Zodiac takes 30 degees of the circle. These signs of the zodiac no more correspond to the astronomical configurations in which the sun in reality appears. The star configurations are aberrant in size and conformation. However, the sun regularly goes through the constellation of Ophiuchus and some Astrologers believe Ophiuchus to be the 13th zodiacal sign.

Planetary houses and state of the art in modern astrology

Nowadays there is no direct association between the star coordinates and the zodiacal signs. This was the rationality I decided to assist visitors demanding what is my sign and produced The people visiting my website are able to ascertain easily in what sphere the Sun was the day they were born and link it to their sign of the zodiac. Particularly overcurious people can also know the day of week they were born as well as sidereal time GMT and precise sun positioning at the instant of that special for anybody event.


About fastrologer

Several years ago I asked myself if one could believe in dream interpretation. To get the answer I decided to know all about astrology and dream interpretation.
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